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The Product has two long straps on the back, both with 10 holes and with buckle, for a customizable and perfect adjustment of the dog's chest ranging from a minimum of 50cm to a maximum of 90cm. All finished by a large front flap covered with felt, for protection of the hair, to ensure adequate distribution of the dog's strength throughout the harness.

In the front part there are two shoulder straps, both with 8 holes and felt for fur protection, for shoulder adjustment ranging from a maximum of 70cm to a minimum of 40cm.

There are also 4 holes in the part under the dog's abdomen to allow you to lengthen or decrease the space of the harness between the neck and chest to fit the harness even better.

There are 3 rings all welded to avoid unexpected openings. The 5 buckles present for adjustments have a 4mm barb and are therefore indestructible to guarantee excellent resistance.

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